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Clementina Ramos

I HAVE to be the Gulden Draak ambassador because even though I’m a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I´m a big beer lover! You can enjoy a great beer as Gulden Draak and have a healthy and happy life. Salud!!!

Santiago, Chile


Vidrio Arroz

i just live for beer i dont care about the world just the beer

santiago, Chile

Gulden Draak Placeholder

walter alfredo

just the love of the beer and gulden draak is my favorite beer

santiago, Chile


Dan Kuriger

I love this beer and am thrilled every time I find it in a new city. We need to make the whole world of beer enthusiasts aware of this fantastic beer.

San Marcos, United States


Douglas Osterholt

I love this beer. I brew my own and am a beer connoisseur, so I know great beer when I taste it.

Carlsbad, United States


Brandon Johnston

I love Gulden Draak!

Phoenix, United States


Daniel Acke

the taste is really amazing

Ertvelde, Belgium


Scott Langham

For many years I drank mundane light beers form the United States. Man was I ignorant. I couple of years ago a cowroker opened my eyes up to delicious flavorful beers. At that time I found that I really love tripels. About six months ago I got turned on to Belgian beers. I found that I really like the dark abbey ales. A few months ago I decided to try Gulden Draak. As they say in Internet land OMG!!!!!!

It is the best of both worlds, a dark tripel ale. It is my Zen of beers.

I would make an excellent ambassador because I can show that it is not just the younger generation that loves Gulden Draak. I represent the older generation (being that I am approaching 50 years old). To help put my love for this excellent beer in perspective, my company has regular happy hours and I am a mainstay at them. Next week we have a happy hour scheduled and I am skipping it because I found out that Jef Versele will be at a local bar and I am definitely going!

I absolutely love Gulden Draak! I was excited that a local beer store had one gift box left do I could get the chalice. I am drinking a Dulden Draak out of that chalice while typing this message.

Please consider me and I will not let your company down! Rock on Gulden Draak!!!!!!! Gulden Draak definitely rocks me!!!!!!!

Garland, United States

Gulden Draak Placeholder

Stefano Van Didden

Guldendraak is gewoon een heerlijk bier, en verdiend meer aandacht.

Stein LB, Netherlands


Fabien Noel

La Gulden Draak est LA Bière qui a fais naitre chez moi une soif inextingible…! Une révélation qui m’as fait faire du chemin depuis, maintenant gérant d’un espace dédié à la bière, c’est une bière que l’on ne peut que conseiller à nos clients avec envie et gourmandise…
Boire une Gulden Draak c’est monté dans un drakkar et se laisser porter par les flots….

la ravoire, France